Fiancé Petitions

VISA K-1 / K-2

The K-1 visa is for a foreign Fiancé committed to marrying an American citizen. This visa is also commonly known as the “Fiancé Visa”. K1 visas are given to foreigners who are engaged to an American citizen and who intend to marry their American Fiancé once they arrive in the United States.

VISA K3 / K4

The Legal Immigration family equity (LIFE) act of 2000 created two new visa categories (K3 and K4) for the spouse of an American citizen who is abroad pending an immigrant visa, and for that spouse’s children who are under 21 years of age. This allows them to enter the US as non-immigrants, reunite with their family and then apply for legal status once in the US.

For more information regarding the process and its requirements, it is advised to speak directly with an immigration lawyer.