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Each year, thousands of people come to the United States inspired by the American dream: the opportunity to work hard and achieve prosperity and success. Unfortunately, coming to the United States as an immigrant is not simple. Leaving family and friends behind, learning a new culture and language, making new friends and working with people from a different culture can be very challenging. Immigrants start from scratch to achieve life goals. These goals may not be ambitious, but only the satisfaction of being able to feed your children and give them quality of life and education makes the immigrants become true warriors.

Fortunately, through a journey of new life in a new country, one encounters people who went through the same struggles that one spent as an immigrant. After struggling for their own story, they are willing to fight for yours.

Denise Ramos is an immigrant who came to the United States 15 years ago and needed legal assistance with her immigration and family cases. She received help and was grateful to be treated with dignity and discover that she had rights as an immigrant whom she did not know she had. Today, Denise Ramos is a family and immigration lawyer who dedicates her time and knowledge to help every immigrant, as well as anyone who needs help in family cases.

Denise focuses on the Hispanic community as she is originally from Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish and English. Denise is delighted to be able to assist anyone in need of legal assistance with family and immigration cases.

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“Exelente abogada y explica muy bien siempre esta atenta y en cualquier momento responde siempre a tus llamadas y mensajes me encanto mas que nada te hace sentir en confianza super recomendada.”

Brenda Manny Brito Najera – Kansas City Kansas

“Muy buena.. siempre atenta la abogada y contesta todas tus preguntas gracias abogada.”

Liberio Blanco – Texas, TX

“A tenacious, compassionate and caring person and professional. Denise is a very determined person,who believes in people and helping them. As a well educated, intelligent woman she has a lot to offer. She has stood by me for so many years and held my hand through so many storms. But she has shared in many happy times as well. I truly believe in her.”

Naima Khedidja Beldjilali – Overland Park, KS

“Le quiero dar gracias a la Abogada Denise Ramos por ayudar a mi esposo hacerse ciudadano Americano. Gracias por ayudarnos con los trámites necesarios y también hacernos entender el proceso. No cabe duda que a la Abogada Denise Ramos la recomendaría a cualquier persona buscando ayuda con inmigración.”

Angelica Spencer – Denver CO

“Es muy amable y toma tiempo para contestar cualquier pregunta que tenemos. muy proffesional en su trabajo. Trata a toda la gente igual, y todos sus casos son importante para ella muy honesta y sincera YI LA RECCOMENDO …. Una gran Abogada, y una gran sonrisa siempre.”

Mario Y Marisela Salazar

“Best lawyer of all times. Muchas gracias por toda su ayuda y apoyo!”

Rodrigo PV

“Dedicated to serving the clients in the community, an exceptional attorney!!!!”

Joyce Borjas Kanas City, KS

“Best in her field, perseverant, honest, and a person you want on your side.”

Monica Jensen Kansas City, KS

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